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We have revamped and changed hosting services. WordPress has been great, but it is too hard to keep up with all  the children on here and gets confusing fast when added and moving kids from one page to another. We are still called Still We Wait we just have a new website. Please hop on over and check out the new SWW. On a side note we are still adding kids on an almost daily basis so check back to the new site often and see the faces that have been added. For our new site you just need to register for an account to view the waiting children. 


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Waiting Children

So many times families begin the adoption process to bring home a “healthy” infant or child as young as possible. Children labeled with special needs are often over looked no matter how minor or correctable their need may be. Many special needs do not affect the cognitive function of a child’s development. Children are born world wide with needs that here in the USA and other developed countries are not even consider a “special” need. These can include but are not limited to, missing fingers, clubbed feet, cleft lips, outer ear deformities, birth marks, mild heart defects, etc. Most of these needs require a few surgeries while the child is young and sometimes basic therapies. However, the families with these children never see their child as being different because of a correctable or cosmetic need.

In orphanages and 3rd world countries world wide though, children and adults with these needs and others are considered, unlucky or even cursed. They are labeled from the time of birth and even if their need is corrected the label does not go away. They have a stigma associated with them and many times are neglected and not cared for properly because of a condition they did not ask for. Children with medical and special needs are waiting world wide for families, just like healthy children. All children regardless of a medical or special need deserve a family.